10 Creative Nonprofit Fundraising Ideas

Fundraising ideas
Fundraising Ideas

Online fundraising is increasingly popular and effective, and many nonprofit organizations have a donation page on their websites nowadays. Attracting supporters and getting people to donate online takes good content creation and design skills, and also a bit of inventiveness.

If you want your organization to surprise its supporters with more than just a “Donate” button on your website, you can try any of these creative fundraising ideas.

Here are the 10 best fundraising ideas you need to do now

1. Personalized websites

Mobile-friendly Donation Website
Personalized Mobile-Friendly Donation Website

Allow donors to personalize your fundraising page and you may enjoy a $10 higher average gift.

Some ideas are enabling people to integrate their personal stories with your nonprofit, and giving them the opportunity to add photos, videos, and messages.

2. Rewarding online donors

Whenever someone donates over a specified amount, you can offer them a funny reward. For instance, the “Help Jay Crush Cancer” campaign had excellent results due to Jay’s brother-in-law, who offered donors giving more than $50 a photo of himself wearing “jorts” (jean shorts).

3. Silly mini-goals

Nonprofit Fundraising Goals
Nonprofit Fundraising Goals

The organizer of a fundraising campaign can set a mini-goal that comes with a punishment motivating people to donate, such as shaving their heads when a goal is achieved. After the punishment is inflicted, you can share photos and videos on social networks.

4. Fundraising Contests

Nonprofit Fundraising Contests
Nonprofit Fundraising Contests

Organize a contest where people have to submit funny photos which are related to the cause promoted by your nonprofit.

Ask people to donate $5 to enter the contest and offer them a reward like a meeting a celebrity.

5. Birthday party

Invite people from your nonprofit’s network at the birthday party of an organization member. Instead of bringing gifts, people will donate for charity. Promote the event on social media channels.

Fundraising Birthday Party
Fundraising Birthday Party

6. Matching gifts

Start an online fundraising campaign in partnership with a sponsor. Whenever a supporter gives $10, the sponsor will donate another $10, that buy 10 meals to people in need. Publicize the matching gift idea heavily.

7. Giving up something

Sponsors and supporters will be asked to give up a certain activity, like going to fast-food restaurants for a month, and to donate the money they save to charity. It’s important to have some key figures offering their example and documenting their experience on social media, in order to encourage prospects to share their experience and donate, too.

8. Rewarding good grades

Get a sponsor donate for each “A” grade that students in a school get for a quarter and advertise the campaign on social networks. This idea works great when the cause of your organization is related to education.

9. Selling bracelets

Sell silicone bracelets promoting your cause via your website and the profit you obtain goes to supporting the cause. Make this sale part of a media campaign, where endorsers show up in public wearing the bracelet supporting your cause.

10. Voting

Ask local celebrities or organization members to submit a childhood photo and require people to donate $1 to vote for the cutest baby.

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