5 Must Haves in Your Mobile Donations Page

Mobile Donation Pages
Mobile Donation Pages

Americans are using their smartphones more than ever to donate to nonprofit organizations. Mobile donation pages are so efficient because they rely on impulse giving and on people’s tendency not to research the organization too much when they make monetary contributions via a mobile device.

5 Must Haves in Your Mobile Donations Page

Nevertheless, you may miss these advantages if your mobile donation page is not optimized and lacks essential elements which provide credibility. 84% of nonprofit donation landing pages were not optimized for mobile before 2015, according to this source, which means that many charities ignore a huge fundraising potential. What should you consider when creating donation pages?

1. Organization info

People do research less when they donate from their mobile device, but this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t provide them with essential and compelling information about your nonprofit. Keep organization info short and comprehensive; it shouldn’t occupy too much space, but neither should it be easy to ignore. Contact information ensures credibility and suggests you are a real organization which is accountable for the way it allocates resources.

phone-381285_12802. Security certificate

Any page used for making payments should have a security certificate. Secured web pages have URLs starting with “https” and use a green padlock. Many donors trying to give online feel confused and scared and secure pages foster trust.

3. Tell a story

Emotional appeals should be used on mobile donation pages to remind people why they have accessed the page in the first place. Use personal, authentic stories, rather than providing dry statistics. Instead of saying your charity will provide shelter for 10,000 dogs, tell the story of Daisy, the friendly stray dog that will not freeze on the streets this winter. Including a picture makes your fundraising efforts even more successful.


4. Simple donation forms

Provide straightforward donation forms with steps that are easy to complete, and the bounce rate (people not finishing the donation process) will decrease. Simplify the donation process as supporters won’t give in if they enjoy a good user experience.

5. Responsive design

This is the most important aspects of all. Your donation page and your entire website should be optimized for mobile devices. Trying to donate from a website which is not mobile-friendly by using your smartphone is mission impossible.


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