20 Fundraising Blogs Every Nonprofit Leader Should Be Reading Now

Fundraising Blogs
Fundraising Blogs

Fundraising is difficult, do you agree? No matter what technique you use: donation request letters, media appeals, charitable events, or face-to-face meetings. It’s no wonder even board members avoid it and hire professionals to collect contributions for their nonprofit organizations.

Moreover, some experts consider you can’t be a successful fundraiser unless you have a gift for this crucial nonprofit activity.

Do you want to learn more about fundraising? If yes, then you need to read and follow fundraising blogs.

Whether you are a nonprofit leader or a professional fundraiser, learning should be a constant preoccupation for you.

We all have several fundraising resources in our Favorites list, and the following collection of the 20 best fundraising blogs should contain at least a couple of items you’ll bookmark or add to your feed immediately.

20 Fundraising Blogs Every Nonprofit Organization Leader Should Be Reading Now

By reading the following fundraising blogs, you will acquire the knowledge needed to attract donors and supporters and create effective fundraising campaigns.

1. Future Fundraising Now


A basic layout and short posts that manage to transmit in 100 or 200 words what other longer articles on well-known fundraising blogs often miss – this seems to be the success recipe used by Jeff Brooks, who is also a creative director at True Sense Marketing.

This fundraising blog is the perfect match for the busy and experienced nonprofit professional, who is already familiar with the “fundraising 101” type of content and who needs a daily wisdom pill in the form of inspiring and unexpected posts like “Why fundraising looks the way it looks” or “Why you shouldn’t redesign your website”.

Don’t forget to watch comment sections either – you’ll find lots of nonprofit experts sharing their opinions and fundraising ideas there.

2. Kivi’s Nonprofit Communications Blog


Friendly and interactive – these are the best words to describe the blog owned by Kivi Leroux Miller, award-winning author, trainer, and adviser to nonprofit marketing and fundraising professionals.

Most blog posts are written by Kivi and her sister, Kristina Leroux, who is the blog’s community engagement manager, but you’ll also find guest posts from various nonprofit professionals. We loved the CoCoa Club Video series and we hope we’ll see more of those helpful short videos coming!

Links to nonprofit advice and fundraising resources are other valuable assets of this blog.

3. Wild Woman Fundraising


The best nonprofit blogs come from fundraising professionals with proven success, and this is also the case of the Wild Woman Fundraising blog.

Read Mazarine Treyz’s biography and you will find the story of many other nonprofit professionals who have faced difficulties after the global financial crisis in 2009.

After losing her small nonprofit job, Mazarine started her own website and business and we, like all her loyal readers, are happy she did it!

Ever since, Mazarine has helped numerous nonprofit organizations (over 10,000 nonprofit professionals) with their fundraising efforts and has also written three unanimously-appreciated nonprofit fundraising guides.

On her blog, Mazarine doesn’t shy away from calling things by their rights names in posts such as “Are you tired of making a tiny wage?” or “Is there a lot of deadwood in your office?

4. The Fundraising Coach


“Fundraising is an extreme sport!” is The Fundraising Coach’s blog tagline, and we’re pretty sure you’ve felt like this many times, as you were sitting opposite to a prospective donor, getting ready to ask for a gift.

The brain behind The Fundraising Coach is Marc A. Pitman, a fundraising trainer and international leadership coach, the author of Ask Without Fear! He also offers an affordable fundraising training program called The Nonprofit Academy.

Marc is definitely the go-to expert for any nonprofit leader and he has coached dozens of organizations throughout his career.

With every blog post you read, you’ll get rid of one more fundraising prejudice and become more confident.

Marc’s trademark? The blue shirt and the red bow tie.

5. The Fundraising Authority


The Fundraising Authority blog’s author, Joe Garecht, puts emphasis on the importance of having access to valuable information about fundraising ideas, strategies, and methods.

Joe has shared his professional fundraiser experience in dozens of articles and also offers his readers a podcast, webinars, and books like Raising Money Without Going Crazy: The Basics of Non-Profit Fundraising or The Non-Profit Fundraising Formula.

Creator of the “Rapid Growth Fundraising” formula, Joe gives advice on fundraising events, crowdfunding, online donations, donor communications, making your fundraising campaign more fun, storytelling techniques, and many other aspects that contribute to your organization’s financial health.

6. Selfish Giving


Selfish Giving is not exclusively a fundraising blog, and it focuses mostly on cause marketing, defined as “a partnership between a nonprofit and for-profit for mutual profit”.

Selfish Giving’s author, Joe Waters, started this blog in 2004 with the following purpose: “to give do-gooders, nonprofits and businesses the tools and strategies they need to raise money, build stakeholder loyalty and change the world.”

Here is a good example of how cause marketing can help you raise more money for your nonprofit:

In 2011-2014, the nonprofit organization No Kid Hungry partnered with Denny’s restaurants – clients who donated $3 received $9 worth of coupons they could use in Denny’s restaurants.

The fundraising campaign was extremely successful and $1.4 million were raised to save children from hunger.

The next steps were selling three T-shirts showing support for No Kid Hungry with $10 each and promoting the fundraiser on social networks.

Denny’s employees also wore the T-shirts, which lead to a 30% increase in donations.  You can find out more details about this successful campaign on Joe’s blog.

7. Big Duck


Big Duck’s credo is that branding plays a vital role in improving fundraising and they have created a new concept called “brandraising” – collecting more contributions by building a powerful brand.

Big Duck is a communication agency for nonprofits and their services include brandraising, campaigns, and consulting. Blog posts are kept short and sweet – each article is a 2-3 minute read and those looking to learn more from this fundraising resource can attend the webinars taking place every week.

If you are happy with the resources and fundraising ideas you find here, you can buy the Big Duck founder’s book, Brandraising: How Nonprofits Raise Visibility and Money Through Smart Communications (by Sarah Durham).

8. Fundraiser Grrl


Have you had enough fundraising theory? It’s time for fun – Fundraiser Grrl is “One grrl’s cheeky observations about life in fundraising.”

Here you’ll recognize everyday nonprofit life situations, like “when the development director, who eats lunch super early, constantly schedules meetings during the typical lunch hour” or “When your appeal get TRIPLE the response of their appeal last year, but still only raised $2500…” Add some funny gifs to these sarcastic statements and you’ll get one website causing addiction from the very first visit.

9. Donor Dreams


Donor Dreams’s author, Erik Anderson, is one of the nonprofit professionals faithful to the donor-centered paradigm: “Donors have dreams and it is our responsibility to be dream-makers because donors are not ATMs.”

The first thing that caught our attention on this blog was The Nonprofit Blog Carnival, a collection of fundraising resources and advice, which was started in 2006. Erik hosted the carnival for the third year in a row and the 2015 May edition was inspired by a TED Talk from 2007 referring to the future of philanthropy. The main topics discussed at this year’s carnival included social investing, innovation competitions, aggregated giving, mass collaboration, online philanthropy marketplaces, the democratization of philanthropy and the new generation of citizen leaders. Go to Erik’s blog and you’ll meet a talented nonprofit professional in each post from The Nonprofit Blog Carnival series.

10. 101fundraising


101fundraising is a crowdblog created and maintained by volunteers; anyone joining the crowd can blog on 101fundraising.

The blog offers fundraising resources such as a list of nonprofit blogs, webinars, and a FAQ section for those interested in blogging on 101fundraising. The blog’s homepage displays the latest posts and a list of the best 2015 posts – and even if the articles are written by different authors, they all have in common a sharp vision and going to the root of the most common nonprofit problems.

For instance, in “A Tale of Two Donors”, Charlie Hulme gives the example of two donors with a very similar background.  Three years after making their first donation, one has an almost 7 times bigger lifetime value compared to the other.

The CRM doesn’t give any clue on what happened, but a closer look shows that one of the donors chose to leave after the agent who called her didn’t know the answer to a couple of questions. The solution was sending an email asking how the call went and giving donors the opportunity to say how they felt. This kind of service comes with a small cost, but makes a huge difference.

11. Getting Attention


Nancy Schwartz is a name you’ll see very often if you access fundraising resources regularly. Aside from publishing on her Getting Attention blog, Nancy is a president of her own consulting firm too, which provides marketing services to some of the best-known nonprofit organizations in the US.

Also a board member of NTEN, Nancy offers speaking sessions and coaching services. On Nancy’s blog you’ll find fundraising advice, case studies, nonprofit job openings, and guest posts.

If you are looking for a new nonprofit job, always keep an eye on Getting Attention – new openings are posted regularly!

12. Ignited Fundraising Blog


This is another blog whose author has an impressive biography: Lori L. Jacobwith has more than 25 years of nonprofit industry experience, has helped nonprofits raise almost $3000 million from individual donors, has been recognized by The Giving Show as one of the top 40 most successful fundraising consultants in the US, and wrote two successful nonprofit fundraising guides.

Effective storytelling is at the heart of Lori’s strategies and you definitely need to check her blog posts if you consider writing and sharing your organization’s story with your supporters.

13. Get Fully Funded


As a fundraiser, you should consider yourself a good-doer first and a nonprofit professional in the second place; this is what Sandy wants to remind us on her Get Fully Funded blog.

Sandy describes herself as “a self-proclaimed country girl with a heart as big as all outdoors.” By reading her blog posts, you’ll identify the same passionate approach and also an expert’s point of view and valuable advice.

Get Fully Funded identifies the most common issues of the nonprofit professional and gives solutions in an accessible and enjoyable manner. Here are some great reads from Sandy: “Go from squeamish to successful when you ask for money”, “You’re asking the wrong questions”, and “12 creative and practical tips for thanking volunteers”.

14. Pamela Grow’s Blog


Pamela is a renowned fundraising expert, who was named one of the top 50 most influential fundraisers by the Civil Society Magazine.

One of the first elements catching your attention on this blog will be client testimonials, which emphasize benefits like getting the best fundraising advice and information, being offered targeted solutions that don’t take too much time to implement, and receiving great emails – “Yours is the only newsletter I actually read – thank you!”

If you read Pam Grow’s blog, expect to find out the latest fundraising and nonprofit trends, such as the shift from the donor-centered approach to community-centered fundraising. Leave your preconceptions behind, forget what you’ve been reading on dozens of other average nonprofit blogs, and be ready to change your perspective on fundraising.

15. Veritus Group FBlog


The Veritus Group offers a very wide range of services for nonprofit organizations: donor analysis, sales management support, offer development, grants research, executive coaching, development management, and others.

Their blog won the 2014 Best Industry Blog award, at the Fundraising Professionals of the Year Awards. The nonprofit industry experience of the Veritus Group and the high quality of the content makes their blog a must-read!

16. Mary Cahalane’s “Hands-On Fundraising”


Mary Cahalane is a nonprofit fundraising consultant with more than 30 years of experience, so she’ll understand your challenges better than anyone else:

“I’ve spent a lot of time in shoes like yours. It can be a challenge to prioritize. And failure is not an option!”

The reason why she launched “Hands-On Fundraising” was helping successful organizations perform even better and we think she’s doing a great job! Her posts are easy to read (the blog has a clean layout, with excellent use of white space) and never lack humor: “Patting yourself on the back hurts” or “Is your fundraising a pain in the ask?

17. Michael Rosen Says…


Michael Rosen is the author of “Donor-Centered Planned Gift Marketing” and the president of ML Innovations, Inc., a fundraising and marketing consulting firm.

The main topics covered in this blog are nonprofit management, philanthropy and fundraising.

Michael’s passion for fundraising started in his childhood, when he used to raise money for a summer camp fund, so kids living in the city could enjoy summertime as well. His passion for collecting money efficiently for a cause grew more and more over the years and now he is sharing it on his personal blog as well.

18. re:charity


If you are planning to start a blog of your own, we recommend you to seek inspiration in this cutting-edge website: re:charity is well-structured, features high-quality images, and will tell you how many minutes it will take to read each post.

Blog posts are organized in categories such as social fundraising, storytelling, philanthropy, fundraising, or cause marketing. This Canadian blog was definitely built with user experience in mind and the content is easy to digest and of good quality at the same time.

19. Clairification


Clairification is called like this after the author’s name, Claire Axelrad, a fundraising professional with 30 years of senior management experience.

The need for change is the reason why Claire decided to create this blog:

“Her growing concern about the numbers of nonprofits that are stuck – like hamsters on a wheel – in a vicious cycle of implementation having no true direction caused her to found Clairification.“

Besides sharing her knowledge and experience on the blog, Claire provides services such as coaching, speaking, and consulting, and offers various learning resources (workbooks, solution kits, e-books, free guides, webinars and podcasts).

20. The Agitator


Are you ready to take your blog reading experience to the next level? If you want to read The Agitator, you’ll need to pay a monthly subscription. You’ll have access to premium quality content and in the comments section of each article you’ll frequently notice the biggest nonprofit names.

What would it be like to engage in a conversation with experts? This is one of the reasons why The Agitator community is definitely worth joining.

It’s Now Your Turn

Which of these blogs were you already reading? Let us know if this list was helpful and what other blogs you would like to add!

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